Router IP

The IP address is a default IP address that is assigned to a client’s device or network hardware. The IP address is assigned more often to business computer networks as compared to home networks in which the routers are normally assigned IP address of the 192.168…. series, such as or

At times, even home devices may be assigned the IP address and would work like any other gateway. In case a client’s device is assigned IP address from the 10.0…. series then you can be sure that the router is also using a similar IP address to connect to the internet.

The IP address is classified in the Class A IP address and belongs to the IPv4 version. It is mostly used as the default IP address by major router companies as the default gateway address.

Router device

How to access IP address?

Follow these simple steps to access the IP address.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Type in the address bar of the browser and hit Enter
  3. Once the management console/configuration center opens up, enter the username and password (it is usually printed at the back of the router)
  4. Go to Settings and choose WiFi / LAN / WAN settings according to the type of connection used to access the internet and make the required changes

How to set up router to IP address?

As you know, the IP address is the default management IP address for the majority of routers. It is easy to access the router settings and configure its IP address to

To change the IP address of your router to IP address, first, you need to search for the Network options. You can set up a network using Dial-UP/DSL technique, then enter the username and password which is available with the network provider. Use DNS ( or as seen on Google. Ensure to turn on DHCP which lets the router to assign the IP address to the client’s device automatically. Else, you will not get access to the network in case your device’s IP address is not the same as that of the router’s LAN network.

How to find the default login and password of router?

Different combinations of username and passwords are used by different brands of routers. Although it is nearly impossible to list all the default usernames and passwords you may see, here are the top 10 most used usernames and passwords:

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administrator(leave blank)
root(leave blank)